Paleo Recipes from Dawn to Dusk

There is a lot of buzz lately concerning the Paleo Diet. It is focused on getting us back to our roots, so to speak, our ancient roots.

Chicken Salad

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See, the word paleo means ancient or older. Therefore, the Paleo Diet is just that, a diet that uses eating principles from our ancient ancestors. It is a healthy, natural, non-processed diet that is getting raves for making people stronger, healthier and more energetic.

But what about the recipes? We can’t go out and slay a buffalo or hunt a deer in the middle of the suburbs. I’m pretty sure there are laws against that. Never fear, there are Paleo recipes that have you covered. Your biggest hunting excursion will occur at the grocery store.

Paleo recipes get positive marks for not having any weird or crazy ingredients in them. You don’t have to search all over town or mail order ingredients just to make a pot roast. Everything you need is generally right there in your supermarket.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so they say. It gives you the fuel to get going and get through your day. The Paleo recipes for breakfast are full of hearty meals that use bananas, sweet potato, coconut flour (OK, so you might have to make one small trip to a health food store – but it is so worth it!) and other wholesome ingredients.

In fact, you hardly feel like you are on a diet with all the pancakes, muffins and delectable quiche. The options are limitless! There are so many different Paleo breakfast recipes that you are bound to find something that is just right for you.


The interesting thing about Paleo lunch recipes is that there is a lot of salad. But the diversity is enough to keep is interesting for a very long time. What you will notice is that there are no grains. This means no rice, pasta, quinoa or barley – nothing. Also, there is very little that is processed, if anything.

There are also some great stews and soups that work well as lunch fare. Once you get into the program and start experimenting you can create your own menus that suit your budget, schedule and palate. It is fun to experiment and try new recipes.


Hearty stews, tasty veggies and delicious meats make up Paleo dinner recipes. Again, you have to experiment and see what you like. There are recipes to suit any taste from Asian to American to South American. It just goes on and on! One thing about it, with Paleo recipes you are never bored. There are so many that you can try and even adjust to make them your own.


Paleo snack recipes are absolutely delectable! There are cakes and bon-bons and all sorts of other treats, all healthy. Many of these recipes use pureed nuts and dates as the base instead of flour. If you haven’t tried Paleo desert, or Paleo recipes, you are missing out!

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