Paleo Diet Meal Plan: Six Steps to Your Personalized Plan

The Paleo diet is not the easiest healthy eating plan to follow if you are used to consuming a lot of meat and sugar. A Paleo diet meal plan makes it easier to switch to a healthier lifestyle because you do not have to think about what you will eat when mealtime comes around. The menu is planned out ahead of time, and hopefully recipes are collected so you can prepare meals ahead of time if needed.

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The following six steps will help you create a personalized meal plan for the Paleo diet that includes foods and flavors you enjoy.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the foods allowed on the Paleo diet. The simplest guideline is to stick to natural foods that are found in the natural environment. There are some more complicated rules if you want to stick to the diet even closer, and the rules can change according to different books and websites dedicated to this diet. You have to know the rules of your diet in order to create a Paleo diet meal plan that remains within the boundaries of those rules.
  2. Find a solid Paleo food list and eliminate foods you do not enjoy. You can find lists of foods acceptable on this site and other places online or in books. Print one out or make a copy from a book and take the time to cross out foods that you know you will not eat. Make sure this list is comprehensive and specific. For instance, list out a variety of nuts rather than creating one list item for nuts in general. This allows you to cross out some nuts while leaving others on the list.
  3. Add Paleo-friendly foods that you do enjoy. Not every Paleo food list is comprehensive. If there are missing foods that you enjoy eating, do some research as to their suitability for the Paleo diet. Add foods that fit within the rules of your diet to your food list.
  4. Experiment with your food list to recreate your favorite meals within the confines of the Paleo diet. You will find that many of your favorites can be made healthier when you substitute the unhealthy, unnatural ingredients with similar foods on your food list.
  5. Research additional Paleo recipes online or purchase Paleo diet cookbooks. You may want to start a recipe journal, notebook, or index card box to collect the Paleo recipes that you enjoy. The more meals you have on hand, the more variance you can create for your Paleo diet meal plan. The more variety you enjoy, the more likely you are to continue this healthy way of eating long term.
  6. Arrange your meals into a weekly Paleo meal plan. You can create two or three week’s worth of meal plans and rotate them, or just create a new plan each week to include new recipes you come across over time. You may also find it helpful to create meal plans on a monthly basis.

Once you go from that basic food list to a real Paleo meal plan, you will see that this diet is not as difficult to follow as you may have originally thought.

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