Paleo Breakfast: Meal Ideas for the Paleo Diet

At first glance, the dairy and gluten-free paleo diet can seem very limiting. But, when you dig deeper you’ll find that it can be just as diverse and delicious as any other type of diet if you are willing to get creative. From energizing Paleo breakfast recipes to filling dinners, eating like a caveman is a lot easier than it sounds.

While in the beginning giving up the foods you are used to can be a bit of a challenge, making the right choices at the grocery store will eventually become your second nature once your body adapts to your new way of eating. In the meantime, it helps to create your meal plans ahead of time, so you can always stay on track even when you are tempted to cheat.


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One of the best ways to get started with meal planning for the Paleo diet is to make lists of foods that you can and cannot eat. Include any type of food you can think of since it can be used as an ingredient in a different Paleo-friendly dish if it can’t be eaten on its own. You can also find complete lists of foods you can eat online and in Paleo books and guides. Write them on a separate piece of paper that you can keep in the kitchen, so you can pull your notes out when you are creating your grocery shopping lists or looking for cooking ideas.

The Paleo Breakfast

Planning for breakfast can be especially challenging since most people are used to eating breakfast foods that contain wheat, dairy, trans-fats and other ingredients not accepted in the Paleo Diet. Eating processed foods that are high in sugar or carbs first thing in the morning can set you up for a crash later in the day.

To follow the Paleo diet, you need to replace traditional breakfast ideas with all-natural recipes. One of the most popular foods that you can keep for your Paleo breakfast is eggs, so you can incorporate them into many different recipes to keep your first meal of the day tasty and unexpected. Italian eggs, traditional eggs benedict and vegetable omelets are all great breakfast recipes for starting your day off right.

If you don’t like eggs, you can try gluten-free variations of a traditional BLT, fruit smoothies, vegetable juices or an assorted nut and berry mix.

Ideas for Other Meals

Lunch and dinner are usually a little easier to make than breakfast since most people are more open-minded about lunch and dinner dishes than breakfast meals, and they have more time to cook later in the day. If you keep your ingredients varied, you can make unique meal plans every single week without getting bored. Light proteins like salmon and poultry are great alongside vegetables for a light lunch. If you usually feel more ambitious around dinner time, you can try cooking delicious recipes like almond-crusted fish fillets, vegetable curries, Italian garlic chicken and lemon-grilled shrimp. If you are having trouble thinking of meal ideas, grab a Paleo cookbook or do a search online for some inspiration.

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