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About PaleOMG: Palette-Pleasing Paleo Diet Recipes
Paleo diet recipes are essential to following the Paleo diet without feeling deprived. It is always a challenge to work unhealthy foods out of your life while embracing foods that were not necessarily your favorites in the past. The process of change is always more successful if you have recipes on hand that are delicious and in line with your healthier eating method. For those following the Paleo [...]
Paleo Diet Meal Plan: Six Steps to Your Personalized Plan
The Paleo diet is not the easiest healthy eating plan to follow if you are used to consuming a lot of meat and sugar. A Paleo diet meal plan makes it easier to switch to a healthier lifestyle because you do not have to think about what you will eat when mealtime comes around. The menu is planned out ahead of time, and hopefully recipes are collected so you can prepare meals ahead of time if needed. [...]
Tips for Making a Delicious Paleo Snack
Most people who are new to the Paleo diet focus on big meals and forget all about snacks. While planning out what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner is a smart idea, choosing the right snacks can help you stick to your diet without feeling hungry or deprived. by artur84 With every diet, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not eating enough food to sustain themselves [...]
How to Make Paleo Bread
As you know, the biggest claim to fame of the Paleo Diet is the absence of grains. This may seem to make it an impossible diet to include breads, which are such a big addition to meal plans for today. While the bulk of breads are made from grain flours, there are alternatives. There are nut flours, which work very well. These may not make your typical "loaf of bread" but they do create some nice bread [...]
Paleo Breakfast: Meal Ideas for the Paleo Diet
At first glance, the dairy and gluten-free paleo diet can seem very limiting. But, when you dig deeper you’ll find that it can be just as diverse and delicious as any other type of diet if you are willing to get creative. From energizing Paleo breakfast recipes to filling dinners, eating like a caveman is a lot easier than it sounds. While in the beginning giving up the foods you are used to can [...]
Paleo Diet Food List
The Paleo Diet goes by what we believe our Stone Age ancestors ate. This diet has popularity because we believe the Stone Age people were a healthy bunch, with good weight levels and not suffering from the same ailments we do today because of excessive weight. by David Castillo Dominici ( These ancestors were avid hunters so the diet consists of meat first and then it contains [...]
Paleo Recipes from Dawn to Dusk
There is a lot of buzz lately concerning the Paleo Diet. It is focused on getting us back to our roots, so to speak, our ancient roots. By Sura Nualpradid ( See, the word paleo means ancient or older. Therefore, the Paleo Diet is just that, a diet that uses eating principles from our ancient ancestors. It is a healthy, natural, non-processed diet that is getting raves for [...]
How to Ensure Paleo Diet Results
Paleo diet results are achievable if you ensure that you research every aspect, and understand what you need to lose weight. There are a number of different diets available; however, many will only provide short term benefits. You need to follow the Paleo diet precisely to ensure that you achieve your goal. by stockimages ( The caveman diet as it is often referred to have [...]
Paleo Diet for Athletes: What You Need to Know
The Paleo diet, also called the caveman diet or the Paleolithic diet, is based on the principle that people are biologically designed to eat an all-natural diet of seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits. Basically, the Paleo diet mimics the way human ancestors ate thousands of years ago. While opinions on the effectiveness of the Paleo diet vary, its proponents believe that eating mass-produced food [...]
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